I. Compounding and its value chain

1.Application of polymers in petrochemical downstream industries

Speaker: National Petrochemical Company - Research & Technology
Company (NPC-RT)
Dr.Daftari Majid

  • Capacity and production of polymers in Iran and the world
  • Applications of compounds and master batch
  • Polymers supply and demand trends 
  • Current and future needs of the compounding industry for polymers and non-polymeric materials
  • Existing and future challenges and related solutions

2.Compound and compounding

Speaker: Masterbatch & Compound Producers Accusation of Iran 
Dr.Nazoukdast (Dr.Ahmadi Shervin) 

  • Compound, master batch, definitions and processes
  • Nominal and real production capacity and the status of production units
  • Production bottlenecks and challenges in the master batch and compound industry
  • Masterbatch and compound industry vision and development path

3.Economics of compounding industry

Speaker: National Petrochemical Company   
Dr.Mottaghi Mohammad

  • Production and consumption trends in the region and world
  • The value of petrochemical and compounding industry products in the country
  • Cooperation and development models

4.Technologies required in the compounding industry

Speaker: Masterbatch & Compound Producers Accusation of Iran 
Dr.Ahmadi Shervin

  • The technologies used in the compound and master batch industry in Iran and the world
  • Lack of access to the technologies needed in the production of raw materials
  • Is the country's compound industry, innovative or trailing?

5.Expectations of downstream industries – compounding

Speaker: Masterbatch & Compound Producers Accusation of Iran 
MR.Shayesteh Babak (Mr.Zokaei) 

  • From regulatory bodies
  • From the Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
  • From petrochemical companies
  • From domestic manufacturers and knowledge-based companies
  • From universities, research centers and specialized research institutes

II. Opportunity Framing in the Petrochemical Industry: With the practical experience

A- First Session: *The Opportunity Analysis in the Petrochemical Value Chain*

  1. Understanding the Complex Global Value Chain: the interaction between markets, technology and economics.
  2. Investment Strategy in the Petrochemical Industry - Global and Local
  3. Iran Petrochemical Value Chain and Investment Opportunities 

B- Second Session: *Value Management & Value Improving Practice*

  1. Opportunity Framing (value maximization)
  2. Front End Loading (Gates Practice)
  3. Customize FEL for Iran
  4. Final Investment Decision

Questions and Answers

III. Opportunity Framing Model Applied in Petrochemical Industry

IIII. HSE in Petrochemical Industry