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The 14th international Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF) will be held on 1-2 May 2023 in Tehran, Iran.

IPF has always been an opportunity for petrochemical technology owners, licensors, financial institutions, commercial companies and producers from across the world to exchange ideas and discuss their latest achievements, successes and solutions through networking.

National Petrochemical Company (NPC), the organizer of the 14th IPF, invites all companies, institutions, scholars, and specialists interested in sharing their experiences and ideas on the following subjects:
  • introducing their new technologies
  • presenting their financing solutions and services
  • explaining the status of their production industries
  • getting first-hand information on the status quo and the future trends of Iranian petrochemical industry

On the sideline of the Forum, a number of workshops will be held on topics related to the petrochemical industry that could not be fully explored in the main Forum.

At the same time, an exhibition will be held at the venue of the Forum, where exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products and services and capabilities.









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Will be inaugurated by

Javad Owji

Minister of Petroleum I.R. of Iran

Rohollah Dehghani Firouzabadi

Vice President for Science, Technology and knowledge-Based Economy and Had of the National Elites Foundation, I. R. of Iran

Morteza Shah-Mirzaei

Deputy Minister of Petroleum & President of National Petrochemical Co.(NPC), I.R. of Iran

Mehdi Safari

Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I.R. of Iran

Hassan Abbaszadeh

Director of Planning & Development, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC) & Forum Chairman

Keynote Speakers

Davood Abbasi

CEO, Shastan Trading Investment Co., I. R. of Iran

Abdolali Ali Asgari

CEO, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co., I.R. of Iran

Abdol Hossein Bayat

President, Ahdaf Inco, I.R. of Iran

Ebrahim Bazian

Managing Director, Social Security Investment Co (SHASTA). I. R. of Iran


Buick Alimoradlou

CEO & Member of the Board of Directors, Bahman Group Co. I.R. of Iran

Behrouz Alishiri

Advisor to Minister, Ministry of Economic & Finance, I.R. of Iran

Ahmad Asad-Zadeh

Deputy Minister, International Commercial Affairs, petroleum Ministry, I.R. of Iran

Rafik Amara

Senior Expert, Gas Exporting Countries Forum GECF, Qatar

Sepahdar Ansari Nik

Managing Director, Bandar Imam Petrochemical Co. I.R. of Iran

Seyed Jafar Baghkhani

CEO, Advanced Value Chain Development Center, I. R. of Iran

Baatouche Boutouba

Vice President, Sonatrack, Algeria

Ali Chegini

Foreign Ministry Director General for Consular affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bijan Chegini

Director of Production Control, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), I.R. of Iran

Mansour Daftarian

President, Iranian Gas Institute, I.R. of Iran

Matin Didari

CEO, Zagros Petrochemical Co., I. R. of Iran

Hamid Doost Mohammadian

Professor, FHM University, Germany

Iraj Elahi

Ambassador of I.R. of Iran, New Delhi

Mehdi Ghafelebashi

Research & Technology Manager, Petrochemical Research & Technology Co. I.R. of Iran

Hussein Gharibi

Ambassador of I.R of Iran, Brasília

Abbas Gholami

Manager, Downstream Industry Development, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), I.R. of Iran

Assadollah Gholampour

CEO, Morvarid Petrochemical Co. I.R. of Iran

Danil Ibraev

President, Kyrgyz Union of Industrials & Entrepreneurs, Kyrgyzstan

Naser Jamshidi

HSE Manager, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), I.R. of Iran

Mohammad Karimian

Member of the Board of Directors, Entekhab Polystyrene Petrochemical Co, I.R. of Iran

Alireza Khalilinia

CEO, Shazand Petrochemical Co., I.R. of Iran

Oleg Korobchenko

Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Industry & Trade, Republic of Tatarstan, Federation of Russia

Abbas Maleki

Professor of Energy Policy, Sharif University of Technology, I.R. of Iran

Mohammad Malekshahi

CEO, Petrochemical Commercial Co. (PCC) I.R. of Iran

Rahim Masoudi

Chairman, SPE Asia-Pacific Regional Technical Advisory Committee, Malaysia

Alireza Mir Mohammad Sadeghi

Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Banking and Credit, National Development Fund, I.R. of Iran

Magno Rodrigo Moreria

President, PGG Chemical Corporation, Brazil

Seyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi

Chairman, Kimya Group, I.R. of Iran

Reza Nekouyi

Director of Investment, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), I.R. of Iran

Alexey Rodichev

Advisor to the Chairman of the Union of Chemists, Federation of Russia

Alireza Sadeghi Abdollahi

Managing Director & Member of the Board, Sina Energy Development Company, I.R. of Iran

Saeed Sahebdelfar

Senior Advisor, Petrochemical Research & Technology Co., I.R. of Iran

Ahmad Shokry

Director to Projects, National Petrochemical Co. (NPC), I.R. of Iran

Artur Smirnov

Acting Director of Department of Chemical Engineering & Bioengineering Technology, Ministry of Industry & Trade, Federation of Russia

Xiangen Song

Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

Runsheng Zhuo

President, REZEL Catalyst Corporation, China

Heinz Zimmermann

Founder & Managing Director, HZ Business Consulting, Germany


  • Feeds, products and supply chains
  • Cutting-edge solutions and optimizations
  • Petrochemical and refinery integration and coordination
  • Manufacturing and market trends
  • Methanol market and applications
  • Global energy crisis and the future of petrochemicals
  • Financing and investment opportunities
  • Zero-emission and energy efficiency



Registration fee is 1500 Euro. The fee covers attendance at all plenary sessions, program and documents and visa services.

Three or more attendees from the same company will receive 15% discount on registration fee.

A premium package which includes registration fee as well as three nights stay at Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel and transportation (Airport, Hotel and Venue) is available for 2100 Euro.

Virtual Attendance

Participants who are not able to attend the event physically, can use our virtual event platform to take the befit of attending all the sessions as well as visiting the exhibition.
300 Euro is considered for each attendee. Please fill out the registration form and mark the virtual attendance.

Virtual Platform:


I. Compounding and its value chain

1.Application of polymers in petrochemical downstream industries

2.Compound and compounding

3.Economics of compounding industry

4.Technologies required in the compounding industry

5.Expectations of downstream industries – compounding

II. Opportunity Framing in the Petrochemical Industry: With the practical experience

1. First Session: *The Opportunity Analysis in the Petrochemical Value Chain

2. Second Session: *Value Management & Value Improving Practice

III. Opportunity Framing Model Applied in Petrochemical Industry

IIII. HSE in Petrochemical Industry


About the Exhibition
An exhibition will take place at the vicinity of the Forum with the aim of creating an atmosphere of interaction between domestic and foreign companies to present their products, innovation and technologies. By attending this exhibition you will have access to the potential customers, partners and evolving customer requirements and connect with decision makers and industry professionals sourcing the latest products and solutions.
Business Promotion Sessions

IPF also offers a unique opportunity for companies to introduce their products, technologies and services related to methanol, propylene and aromatics value chains. For this purpose, several halls have been set up for 30 minutes' special presentations and interactive discussions to promote interesting subjects and services directly to potential customers. Registration will be made on a first come, first serve basis. For booking and other information please contact the Forum secretariat.

01 May 2023
Time Company
11:00 - 11:30 Entekhab Polystyrene Petrochemical Co.
12:00 - 12:30 USEON Technology Limited
14:00 - 14:30 REZEL
15:00 - 15:30 OTC
16:00 - 16:30 -
17:00 - 17:30 -
02 May 2023
Time Company
08:00 - 08:30 Negin Mokran Petrochemical Co.
09:00 - 09:30 Negin Mokran Petrochemical Co.
11:00 - 11:30 Hicho
12:00 - 12:30 Kerman Tablo Co.
14:00 - 14:30 -
15:00 - 15:30 -